Please sell us your preloved BOOKS, COMICS,DVDs, CDs , VINYL , and MAGAZINES and let someone else enjoy them. BMV pays cash for items we can re-sell – everything from a couple of books to entire libraries.

BMV buys quality items in good condition that have resale value .We pay the most for recent releases and classics, but we are also interested in good books, comics, movies and music that are relevant and in demand.

Selling Process

Bring your used items to any of our 3 locations. We buy any time we are open up to 1 hour before store closing. No appointment is necessary, but if you have more than 5 boxes of items, please call us before you bring them in.

One of our buyers will look through your items and make a cash offer for the books we can resell (this should only take a few minutes unless you have a large quantity of items). We can donate or recycle the stuff you do not want to take back.

Use the cash to buy yourself something you really want.

What we won’t buy:

  • -ITEMS in poor condition
  • -Encyclopedia sets
  • -Outdated books on subjects such as computers, travel, health, and reference
  • -Hardcover popular fiction


If you are not certain whether your ITEMS are of interest to us please feel free to call one of our 3 locations and ask to speak to the buyer. Hopefully we can tell if you should bring them in. Unfortunately we can not give price quotes over the phone as we have to see the actual items to determine their value.

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